Wednesday, February 17, 2010

13-song Japanese CD release out now!

Couldn't be more happy..13 song cd ..this Japan-only import cd contains the 5 songs from our 1st LP + the 5 songs from the Moon/Ascent of Everest split LP + the new 3 Part song piece "when we finally fall asleep" .. all put together by Hiro and his label 8086 code in japan. This comes with a nice hand-tied booklet, 18 point "arigato" recycled chipboard fold out gatefold cover,hand stamped artwork and is limited to 1000.
Sooos...if you live in japan it should be everywhere! Or go straight here to to check out 8086 code. For the rest of us, they will be for sale for 10 bucks here at

.....Lmtd numbers goes without saying,so don't hesitate...

6.Our Heart Forever Like The Sun PTⅠ
7.Our Heart Forever Like The Sun PTⅡ
8...and ever PTⅠ
9...and ever PTⅡ
10...and ever PTⅢ
11.when we finally fall asleep PTⅠ
12.when we finally fall asleep PTⅡ
13.when we finally fall asleep PTⅢ

....tons of music,hand made packaging and stellar art..need we say more?
many thanks to hiro and his awesome label and to everyone that takes the time to listen...
love=the moon gang.....

Also, here's a nice review of the Moon/Everest split vinyl by Sputnik Music's Scott Reid -
This was a partnership always set to be a collision of worlds, with each band a different breed of post-rock. “We all inherit the moon” traditionally opt for unstructured, disoriented ambience and rely largely on the layering of lefty-righty, whirling, swooning and sweeping textures, a composition without the composition, to enchant the listener. On the other hand, “The Ascent of Everest” stick to the tried-and-tested Godspeed method of constructed crescendos, loud/quiet formula and orchestrated explosions always on cue, slowly approaching the kill with classic shock-and-awe tactics.
Click here to read the rest at Sputnik.


Vinnnie said...

Hey everyone, I must say I really appreciate your music and I think you guys are amazing.

That being said, make some noise about your new stuff!!

I just found the "when we finally fall asleep" songs, and who knows how long my ears haven't been graced by such awesome music.

Regardless, thanks so much!!

l said...

I have to say... i love your music. Not that kind of love that u feel for a one night stand... but the other kind of... the fearless/fearsome everlasting love.
Thank you