Monday, October 12, 2009

new songs/japan release...AND square vinyl!

hey everyone,,quick update, since it's been awhile.
we just posted 3 new songs on myspace, lastfm and, if you want to check them out..its Part I - III of "when we finally fall asleep" ,,hope you like them..
**AND ...** OUT TODAY (JANUARY 26th!) - proper update to come later if you're looking to purchase from futurerecordings, go here. Or get it in Japan from our boy Hiro and his label 8086 Code.
All 3 of our these unreleased songs + the 5 songs from the Lp + the 5 songs from the split LP are all being put together and released on cd (our 1st cd ever !) by our good friend hiro and his label 8086 code in japan. This will also come with a nice booklet with bonus art and more(designed by mark "alf" pearsall, nab his cool art here on etsy),,it looks awesome!,, we are excited!!

there will be a 8" square clear see thru vinyl lathe cut of "when we finally fall asleep" Part's I-III (yup,no shit..!)
our good friends at Scotch Tapes will be releasing this in very limited will look amazing and will be a nice collectible for you vinyl nuts! ..
...we hope both releases will soon see the light of day (hopefully **january) and that if you love vinyl like we do you'll pick one of these up.
...we also would like to give a shout out to our good friend,audio wizard,and all around genius producer Jordan Andreen. His recording, mixing, and mastering prowess will be on fine display throughout these releases and we hope his craft and dedication to our sound shines through..we couldn't have done any of this without him..and to all of you for taking the time to listen,,we really do appreciate it..we hope to see you all some day soon..thanks so much everyone!!!
xoxoxo -- adam, leah, quinn, kyle, gordon AKA We all inherit the moon