Tuesday, June 5, 2012

help a brother out - Jason Noble benefit compilation

if you're a rachel's, shipping news, rodan fan and want to return some love to jason noble (of forementioned bands), he's fighting cancer and we're on a benefit mixtape put out by futurerecordings to help tackle the ridiculous medical bills that come with it. 
...yes, this house will be full of actual old school cassette tapes soon, and we'll be stamping and folding and and packing and getting ready to send them out to people who love good music plus hate cancer. (everyone, i guess?)

order your mixtape here http://jasonnoblebenefit.bandcamp.com/ (limited ed. 200) or you can download the songs for a donation of your choice. all profits go to jason. 

there's a brand new we all inherit the moon song on there, along with songs by  we all inherit the moon members, including quinn's other band Fuck i'm a ghost, Gordon Withers and woodworkings, plus Balmorhea, ├ôlafur Arnalds and a ton of other great musicians...

want to know more?
first....read go to the source. and donate straight to Jason if you like:
The concept of a mixtape resonates with many of Jason’s admirers and long-time fans - it is the format by which many of us were introduced to his music, and his songs have occupied special places on countless lovingly-crafted mixtapes over the years. Putting together a new mixtape for Jason seemed like the perfect tribute. The cassette version of this compilation comes in a Stumptown printers chipboard package, hand-stamped with artwork by Zach Barocas, and hand-numbered. It is a limited edition of 200.


Press contact: Gordon Withers (gordon.withers@gmail.com)


releases 08 June 2012
A huge thank you to everyone involved, and thank you to Jason for being such a musical inspiration over the years. 

Mastered by TW Walsh
Art and layout by Zach Barocas
Concept: Adam Nanaa
Tracks collected by Adam and Gordon