Tuesday, June 5, 2012

help a brother out - Jason Noble benefit compilation

if you're a rachel's, shipping news, rodan fan and want to return some love to jason noble (of forementioned bands), he's fighting cancer and we're on a benefit mixtape put out by futurerecordings to help tackle the ridiculous medical bills that come with it. 
...yes, this house will be full of actual old school cassette tapes soon, and we'll be stamping and folding and and packing and getting ready to send them out to people who love good music plus hate cancer. (everyone, i guess?)

order your mixtape here http://jasonnoblebenefit.bandcamp.com/ (limited ed. 200) or you can download the songs for a donation of your choice. all profits go to jason. 

there's a brand new we all inherit the moon song on there, along with songs by  we all inherit the moon members, including quinn's other band Fuck i'm a ghost, Gordon Withers and woodworkings, plus Balmorhea, Ólafur Arnalds and a ton of other great musicians...

want to know more?
first....read go to the source. and donate straight to Jason if you like:
The concept of a mixtape resonates with many of Jason’s admirers and long-time fans - it is the format by which many of us were introduced to his music, and his songs have occupied special places on countless lovingly-crafted mixtapes over the years. Putting together a new mixtape for Jason seemed like the perfect tribute. The cassette version of this compilation comes in a Stumptown printers chipboard package, hand-stamped with artwork by Zach Barocas, and hand-numbered. It is a limited edition of 200.


Press contact: Gordon Withers (gordon.withers@gmail.com)


releases 08 June 2012
A huge thank you to everyone involved, and thank you to Jason for being such a musical inspiration over the years. 

Mastered by TW Walsh
Art and layout by Zach Barocas
Concept: Adam Nanaa
Tracks collected by Adam and Gordon

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

live at the black cat in DC

WAITM string machine Gordon Withers tearing it up at the blackcat in DC 12/21/10..features 2 WAITM songs..listen & free download here

Thursday, December 30, 2010

new stuff...sort of.

While we have some wonderful news on the horizon concerning some new releases..we are even more excited about Leah's new Nord 2 synth..

it just arrived and it sounds as space age as it looks! This is coinciding w/ some wonderful new guitar stuff Adam got including a rad Zvex lo-fi loop junkie..

pure analog magic all around. Expect some new great noise in the near future..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

13-song Japanese CD release out now!

Couldn't be more happy..13 song cd ..this Japan-only import cd contains the 5 songs from our 1st LP + the 5 songs from the Moon/Ascent of Everest split LP + the new 3 Part song piece "when we finally fall asleep" .. all put together by Hiro and his label 8086 code in japan. This comes with a nice hand-tied booklet, 18 point "arigato" recycled chipboard fold out gatefold cover,hand stamped artwork and is limited to 1000.
Sooos...if you live in japan it should be everywhere! Or go straight here to ezescode.com to check out 8086 code. For the rest of us, they will be for sale for 10 bucks here at futurerecordings.bigcartel.com

.....Lmtd numbers goes without saying,so don't hesitate...

6.Our Heart Forever Like The Sun PTⅠ
7.Our Heart Forever Like The Sun PTⅡ
8...and ever PTⅠ
9...and ever PTⅡ
10...and ever PTⅢ
11.when we finally fall asleep PTⅠ
12.when we finally fall asleep PTⅡ
13.when we finally fall asleep PTⅢ

....tons of music,hand made packaging and stellar art..need we say more?
many thanks to hiro and his awesome label and to everyone that takes the time to listen...
love=the moon gang.....

Also, here's a nice review of the Moon/Everest split vinyl by Sputnik Music's Scott Reid -
This was a partnership always set to be a collision of worlds, with each band a different breed of post-rock. “We all inherit the moon” traditionally opt for unstructured, disoriented ambience and rely largely on the layering of lefty-righty, whirling, swooning and sweeping textures, a composition without the composition, to enchant the listener. On the other hand, “The Ascent of Everest” stick to the tried-and-tested Godspeed method of constructed crescendos, loud/quiet formula and orchestrated explosions always on cue, slowly approaching the kill with classic shock-and-awe tactics.
Click here to read the rest at Sputnik.

Monday, October 12, 2009

new songs/japan release...AND square vinyl!

hey everyone,,quick update, since it's been awhile.
we just posted 3 new songs on myspace, lastfm and thesixtyone.com, if you want to check them out..its Part I - III of "when we finally fall asleep" ,,hope you like them..
**AND ...** OUT TODAY (JANUARY 26th!) - proper update to come later if you're looking to purchase from futurerecordings, go here. Or get it in Japan from our boy Hiro and his label 8086 Code.
All 3 of our these unreleased songs + the 5 songs from the Lp + the 5 songs from the split LP are all being put together and released on cd (our 1st cd ever !) by our good friend hiro and his label 8086 code in japan. This will also come with a nice booklet with bonus art and more(designed by mark "alf" pearsall, nab his cool art here on etsy),,it looks awesome!,, we are excited!!

there will be a 8" square clear see thru vinyl lathe cut of "when we finally fall asleep" Part's I-III (yup,no shit..!)
our good friends at Scotch Tapes will be releasing this in very limited quantities..it will look amazing and will be a nice collectible for you vinyl nuts! ..
...we hope both releases will soon see the light of day (hopefully **january) and that if you love vinyl like we do you'll pick one of these up.
...we also would like to give a shout out to our good friend,audio wizard,and all around genius producer Jordan Andreen. His recording, mixing, and mastering prowess will be on fine display throughout these releases and we hope his craft and dedication to our sound shines through..we couldn't have done any of this without him..and to all of you for taking the time to listen,,we really do appreciate it..we hope to see you all some day soon..thanks so much everyone!!!
xoxoxo -- adam, leah, quinn, kyle, gordon AKA We all inherit the moon

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Ascent of Everest / We All Inherit the Moon Split LP...OUT NOW!

yup..long awaited vinyl..Hand numbered Lmtd. edition of 100, hand screened, fold-out cover, hand stamped A & B side + beautiful insert. 140 gram vinyl,
40 minutes of music total ..true post rock/ambient devastation ...anyone from anywhere in the world can get it for $9.99 right off our myspace site:
or from futurerecodings:
you can also get high quality downloads(even free ones!) of the whole thing right here:

these will go quick,so please don't wait too long,,,we are very excited about this and we think the Everest songs alone are worth the money so don't miss out..thanks for everyone's patience with this,,,,love,the moon gang.

also, here's a review from AP about the split:
AP -
We all inherit the moon/The Ascent of Everest Split LP

The latest Future Recordings project is one that redefines
the theme of its discography. This time, the "post-drone" label
has brought ambient masterminds We All Inherit the Moon and post-rock wizards The Ascent of Everest together in a 7 track split that may very well sets the standard for modern day music from the respective genres. The aptitudes of both acts join here to craft an album full of adrenaline rushes and unforgettable meditations.
Click here to read the whole thing.

Also on a mostly unrelated note, who doesn't love Quizno Torpedos?!
The Big Kahuna Tuna was at least one of us moons fave thing to order...until learning it had 90 grams of fat.
But that doesn't mean we don't love them.
And what we love even more is ROAD TRIPS.
So check out what our super productive, kickass friend Mike Hedge just got finished doing that in a way, involves us, and definitely involves road trip Quizno's stops.
Check out his videos here (and if you watch the 3rd one, the behind the scenes docustream one, you may recognize the soundtrack):
Quizno's Toasters Youtube

Monday, May 25, 2009

please be kind. rewind.

As one of the least technologically adept batch of people in the world (at least us WAITM west coast kids), we’re happy to announce our new 10 song release on Scotch Tapes, the self-proclaimed worst hi-tech music label ever!
And that means the Moon can now not only be found on cassette tape, but you can also hear us on EIGHT-TRACK.
So if you want to pop some We All Inherit the Moon in while driving your El Camino or wish it hadn’t been soooooooo long since you’ve added to your 8-track collection, you better head here fast. ***update*** SOLD OUT, sorry!
Even if you don’t own an 8-track player, Scotch Tapes releases are made with love, handcrafted pieces of art and super limited, so you might as well get one.
Because it’s about having a music collection that takes up a whole wall, not a whole hard drive.
Take that mp3’s!!!!!