Monday, May 25, 2009

please be kind. rewind.

As one of the least technologically adept batch of people in the world (at least us WAITM west coast kids), we’re happy to announce our new 10 song release on Scotch Tapes, the self-proclaimed worst hi-tech music label ever!
And that means the Moon can now not only be found on cassette tape, but you can also hear us on EIGHT-TRACK.
So if you want to pop some We All Inherit the Moon in while driving your El Camino or wish it hadn’t been soooooooo long since you’ve added to your 8-track collection, you better head here fast. ***update*** SOLD OUT, sorry!
Even if you don’t own an 8-track player, Scotch Tapes releases are made with love, handcrafted pieces of art and super limited, so you might as well get one.
Because it’s about having a music collection that takes up a whole wall, not a whole hard drive.
Take that mp3’s!!!!!

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