Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the crystal sounds we heard as ice bears

we're on a new comp by The Silent Ballet that features some of our fave bands, Volume XI: Wenn Ich Ein Eisbär Wäre
here's a list of everybody on it...

1. Rhian Sheehan: Standing in Silence Pt. III
2. Danny Norbury: Entrelacs
3. Sunwrae: Chinook Winds
4. Victory and Good Hunting: Mule Comes Home
5. Lawrence English: Watching it Unfold
6. Alexander Turnquist: We Are Magnets
7. FJORDNE: Vivid Memories
8. Startle the Heavens: Pearl
9. The Soul’s Release: Awake Among the Sleeping
10. Milieu: Amb7 v2
11. ::thinkstandard::: If You are the One to Take Me Home
12. Library Tapes: Slow-Wave Sleep
13. Rameses III: No Water, No Moon
14. Shoeb Ahmad: Belladonna (Starlight Mix)
15. We All Inherit the Moon: Our Hearts Forever Like the Sun Pt. 1

so, head over to here for a free download and enjoy.
(also as a heads up, it may just be our total computer ineptitude, but we had to download each track to get the entire project...if that's the case, take your time...there are some really good songs on here that warrant the extra effort)
want a nice music video to get in the mood?
actually, i don't even think we properly shared these music videos,,,totally beautiful.
props to our beautifully great friends, Sam and Rob, who made them, thank you so much!!!

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