Friday, July 11, 2008

Handmade - Because We Are Not Machines!

Vinyl’s out & getting about.
Five-song album, hand-sewn, hand-screened covers, individually hand-etched B side with original John Thompson cover artwork and hand-signed print, limited to 500.
You can see more photos of the artwork (just click on it).

vinyl record print

vinyl front and cover

Nab a copy of your own from or head over to that massive beast known as ebay if you prefer.
Then sit & spin to your heart’s content.

Seriously, you should get one, between t-shirt piles & records, the house kinda looks like a messy factory/explosion.

Oh & speaking of….t-shirts are out & getting about too.
Here they be:

moon shirt in green

moon shirt in orange

100% cotton sweatshop-free american apparel rock star fit shirts.

the small and mediums are available in a cool army green (as pictured)

the large comes in orangeish, emerald green, aqua blue, light blue or grey.

Please specify what size you'd like in the “Notes” part of paypal.

Perfect for people who want to go another day without doing laundry.

Love, the moon


Anonymous said...

now that's sexy.

Anonymous said...

now that's sexy.

Mafarrico said...

Hello, can you instruct me on how to order one of these shirts? Please mail me on maravilhas_o_piu[at]